My own little bit of infamy…

In flight from Cincinnati (I68 to the CSA Canard Flyin at Rough River (2I3), N44VF experienced a catastrophic oil line failure necessitating a forced landing on Highway 3 in Otisco, Indiana. The landing was uneventful aside from a wing strike from a reflector post on the copilot wing moving over to avoid cars. Here’s our account and the initial NTSB report. Read all aobut it on our incident account page.

The Finkelsteins

Roger Cummins, Joel Finkelstein, and yours truly


Pattern work at I68 Outbound to I69
At Clermont Return to I68
Outbound around Cincy Trip to Otisco
Near view of site – Note Highway 3 ahead of track, this is where we land, and the small town of Otisco beyond, where we come to a stop





Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday September 27th, 2008 at 8:07 PM

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