More to come on this one, but the current story is that Uli’s Velocity landed and collided with RV-8 (circumstances not entirely clear yet). The 2 persons in the RV were killed, and Uli and his passenger were badly burned (Uli’s passenger has since succumbed to his injuries). Here’s a brief news account below. A home video (below) has been released as well, showing Uli’s aircraft cartwheeling. Fair warning, it’s a bit upsetting to watch.

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Two vintage planes collided in Brevard County Saturday morning, killing two people.

The crash happened about 8:30a.m. near the Arthur Dunn Airpark.

VIDEO: Eyewitness And Friend Describes What Happened
VIEW: Images From The Scene

Officials say one of the planes was doing maneuvers when it slammed into a plane on the ground. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Warren Woodberry said the plane on the ground appeared to be taxiing to a ramp area when the other plane slammed into it. The plane that was flying cartwheeled for about 100 yards before landing belly-up on a grass median at the airport.

Two people in the plane on the ground were killed. Two people in the plane doing the maneuvers were burned critically and flown to Orlando Regional Medical Center, according to a spokesperson for the Titusville Fire Department. One was described as being in grave condition, the other was extremely critical.

Witnesses said they saw the planes flying overheard and then saw two plumes of smoke rising in the distance. The collision engulfed both aircraft in flames, Woodberry said.

The plane that was flying cartwheeled for about 100 yards before landing belly-up on a grass median at the airport.

FAA and National Transportation Safety Board inspectors were expected to arrive at the airport and investigate the crash.

Titusville Fire Dept. spokesman Scott Gaenicke said this was the first incident he can recall where two planes have collided at the airport.

“It’s kind of shocking,” he said. “It’s certainly devastating to see.”

The plane in the air was a single-engine aircraft, which according to the FAA’s online aircraft registry, is registered to Christen Air Inc. in Wilmington, Del, Gaenicke said.

A telephone listing for that company was not immediately found.

The other plane was a single-engine RV-8 aircraft registered to William E. Hess of Daytona Beach, FAA records show.

Gaenicke said both of the planes involved are considered experimental aircraft.

“They’re not like your off-the-shelf, already pre-manufactured (aircraft),” Gaenicke said. “These are home-built type aircraft that one would buy as a kit and put together.”

The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 866 was hosting a pancake breakfast Saturday morning when the crash occurred. Larry Gilbert, an association member, said the plane that was landing appeared to lose control and was trying to take off again when it slammed into the other plane. The plane that was hit exploded on impact, Gilbert said. He called 911 as other members rushed to help the other plane’s occupants. He said the plane that was landing appeared to be a Velocity model airplane — an experimental craft with large V-shaped wings and a propeller in the back and smaller wings on the nose.

It was difficult to determine the exact models of both planes, he said. “They were so totally destroyed.”

The air park is an uncontrolled air field and doesn’t have a control tower, the FAA said.

The scene has been turned over to the FAA, and investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board were en route to the air park, Gaenicke said.

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N244CU on her roof

Both aircraft were consumed by fire
The RG Velocity was Destroyed Very little was left
Rescue services

Arthur Dunn Airpark

Frame 1 Frame 15
Frame 25 Frame 35
N244CU N128RV

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