Jannie Versfeld just posted to Marc’s list about his crash after installing wheel pants on his plane. To this point, he had no problems flying and landing his Cozy, and the wheel pants had fit properly on the ground, with adequate (1/2″) clearance around the tires. On a bumpy touchdown, the left wheel spun up to a high speed and the tire expanded, rubbing on the wheel pants and diverting him off the runway. Jannie is alright, with only a few bumps and bruises, but his Cozy will need to be well inspected and rebuilt. His original post is below.

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Accident Report from Jannie Versfeld as published on the Cozy Builder’s List
Date: Mar 2, 2006 10:42 AM
From: Jannie Versfeld
Subject: COZY: Crash Landing out of Africa

Fellow canardians,

With gratification that I can report on my crash landing of my Cozy.

After I installed the wheel pants, a flight was initiated to test the results. The results was horrific to say the least. My ego, pride and every other emotion one can think about after 8 years of building was shattered in 10 horrific seconds.

Al systems checked out perfect and the flight today was nothing less than perfect. upon landing everything seemed perfect and the approach was a text book exercise. Downwind 120 MPH, base leg 110 MPH and 100 MPH on final, landing brake deployed and approaching the numbers for a full stop landing. The landing resulted an a little float and finally settled down on touch down when the slight cross wind picked the plane up and the next thing on touch down the aircraft veered off to the left and there was no way to correct – it just didn’t respond to rudder or aileron as the speed was already too low. After about 600 ft of thrashing in the rough the realization set in – rebuild or repair.

Damage sustained:
Left wing intact except for the bottom of the lower winglets. Right wing delaminated at the “kink” by the inboard aileron edge – to and bottom – seems that he wing took strain from the front and this caused the delimitation. Lower winglet totally destroyed. Winglet attach in both left & right wings shoe no sign of any delimitation or cracks in the paint. Both fuel tanks are fine and no traces on leaks. Canard ahs some scarring on the tips and one balance weight lost. Hinges ok and attach tabs looks fine. Landing brake hinge destroyed and some delimitation on the hinge attach area. Nose cone destroyed. Some stone and debris damage to the right fuselage. Cowling and engine OK. Nose gear strut destroyed but nose gear box has no damage. Nose gear spring destroyed. both main wheels departed the main wheel gear leg and the right leg broken and the fuselage intersection. Right wheel rims destroyed. Oh and last but not least – both wheel pants destroyed – I=just had to put some humor into it.

Personal physical damage – Just muscle pains and stiffness at this stage, but will see my Doc later. Am I irritated with myself -for sure, I should have followed my gut feel about the Wheel pants.

Cause of the accident.
Tyre pressures was 65PSI. There was 1/2″ clearance all the way around the wheel pants and the tyres. Wheel pants was installed is instructed by supplier. On investigation I found that at the time of the firs touch down and the resulting float, the tyre has spun up at 100 MPH and the centrifugal forces expanded the tyre to more than it;s circumference resulting in lesser clearance to the pant. This grabbed the pant and sheared the attach points and the next touch down had the pant between the tarmac and the wheel – resulting in the veering off the runway to the left. I have Airhawk tires and I think that the quality may not be as good as it should.

Next step – Repair the damage and go flying again. looks like I will be posting many question to the forum in the near future.

Just glad to be OK and have second chance to go flying again.

Jannie Versfeld Cozy MKIV O-540 #673

Status: Pondering repairs.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday March 2nd, 2006 at 10:55 PM

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