The pilot stated that he was focused on navigating and avoiding bad weather and did not pay enough attention to the fuel level. He said fuel burn was higher than planned, groundspeed was slower than planned, and the low fuel light came on, indicating four gallons remaining. The pilot located a field for landing but elected to continue to an airport, because the field did not appear large enough to allow for takeoff after fueling. While en route to the airport, the engine lost power, and the pilot landed the airplane in a peanut field and collided with bushes. The wreckage was found in the bushes on the west edge of a peanut field about 6 miles east of the airport. Examination of the airplane revealed the left wing was separated from the airframe and the nose sustained damage. No fuel was recovered from the fuel system, nor did the pilot report a mechanical problem with the airplane.

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Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday June 27th, 2002 at 3:06 PM

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